Everybody's Talking about It (2018. Browser-based stochastic sound collage)

Lost & Found (2017. Sampled dramatic monologue)


Interstitial podcast (Weekly, 2019—present. With thinkbelt.org)

Who Is a Good Boy (2018. Written and directed by Alex Phillips. Screened at Palm Springs International Film Society and Chicago International Film Festival.)

Theatre Sound Design

Ann (2020. By Holland Taylor. Directed by Kim McKean. TheatreSquared, Fayetteville, AR)

Sunday Evening (2020, By Zachary Karabashliev. Directed by. Zlatomir Moldovanski. Rose Valley Theatre Group, Chicago, IL)


Sugar in Our Wounds (2019. By Donja R. Love. Directed by Mikael Burke. First Floor Theater, Chicago, IL)

Love & Information (2019. By Caryl Churchill. Directed by Kim McKean. Trap Door Theatre, Chicago, IL)

At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen (2019. By Terry Guest. Directed by Mikael Burke. The Story, Chicago, IL)

The Killer (2019. By Eugene Ionesco. Directed by Mike Steele. Trap Door Theatre, Chicago, IL)

"The ensemble performs a herky-jerky mechanized dance set to a nightmarish toy orchestra soundscape. It captures the unthinking fealty to mundane exercises ... that Ionesco spent most of his career anatomizing." - Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune 

Killing Game (2019. By Eugene Ionesco. Directed by dado. A Red Orchid Theatre, Chicago, IL)

Music direction, The Ruse of Medusa (2019. By Erik Satie. Directed by dado. Facility Theatre, Chicago, IL)

"It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a pleasure to boot." - Hugh Iglarsh, Newcity

The Pillowman (2018. By Martin McDonough. Directed by Jaimelyn Gray. The Constructivists, Milwaukee, WI)

Phoebe in Winter (2018. By Jen Silverman. Directed by dado. Facility Theatre, Chicago, IL)

"This astounding production packs a year's worth of theatergoing
into 100 minutes." - Justin Hayford, 
Chicago Reader